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  • cultural festival
    Seethawaka Pehasaraniya 2015 Five local artists have been awarded with “seethawaka Booshana” award on the Occasion of seethawaka Divisional Cultural annual festival  2015 a.....
  • Buddha's Shrine Room
    Buddha's Shrine room for Divisional Secretariat has Ceremonially Opened by Divisional Secretary on 2015.06.02 at our premises...
  • Dhamma desana and Meditation Programme
    On coming Poson Poya day we planed chariting dhamma desana and meditation programme at the Seethawaka Divisional Secretariat...
  • “Grama Niladari Office Competition 2014 - First Place”
    “Grama Niladari Office Competition 2014 – First Place” 443/B GN Division Grama Niladari Mr.P.S.Vijitha Kularatna of seethawaka Divisional Secretariat has won the 1st place o.....
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