Development proposals for 2018


Completion of the Akaravita Dhamma School building.

Aluth Ambalama

  • Concrete and repair the road near the sacred Bo-tree in Beregala Kanda, Kosgama, Avissawella.
  • To develop the Aluthambalama Junior School road.


  • To develop the staircase of the First Lane of Araliya Road, Kotabodawatta.


  • To develop the common bathing well and drainage system of Galapitamada.
  • To provide tables and chairs to the Diriya Abhimani Women’s Organization in Aradhanakanda. (Reg:WP/Ho/Han/432E071)
  • To provide the necessary facilities to the community hall to hold the Maternal Clinic of Galapitamada.
  • To provide the drinking water supply system to the houses situated in Husaniyawtta Lane.


  • To hold Courses for Paper Quilling Handicrafts and Beauty Culture.
  • To hold various types of programs to the women entrepreneurs in order to get some professional knowledge about Embroidery works, Making toys, Wall hangers, Cushion covers, printed cloth bags, Flowers, Wall pockets, Pencil covers, Table covers and Soft toys etc.
  • To provide the necessary equipment and plastic chairs to the Social Service Organizations.
  • To hold Vocational Training Courses to the young people in the division.
  • To provide the necessary equipment to the registered Community Service Organizations.
  • To provide necessary sport items to the registered Sport Clubs.
  • To provide necessary facilities for the young entrepreneurs to get the driving license.

Diddeniya North

  • To provide the electricity items to the monastery of Kolamkanda, Diddeniya North.

Hanwella Town

  • To provide an air conditional system to the Hanwella Rajasinghe Central College for the Technical, Computer and Language Laboratory.


  • To develop the road of Mahawaladeniya, Hingurala.

Ihala Kosgama North

  • To the Kosgama Kurulu Uyana Volleyball Court which belongs to Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabhawa suitable for playing day and night.


  • To provide the necessary items to complete the building o Sambudda Jayanthi Dhamma School of Jayaweeragoda.


  • To repair and develop the rural road system of 432 Kadugoda Grama Niladhari Division (Janasavi Mawatha - Uruwala).
  • To complete the multi-functional building of Sri Saman Yogashramaya, Arapangama, kosgama.


  • To repair doors, windows and the roof of the Community Hall of Penrith Estate, Avissawella.

Kiriwandala South

  • To develop the Jayanthi Temple of Ukwatta.
  • To make the name board (Rs.100,000.00), To build he children park (Rs.200,000.00) and the water supply system (Rs.150,000.00) of the Puwakpitiya Junior School.


  • To provide the necessary items to build the Sthupa of the Maithri Buddhist Center of Kudaluwila, Hanwella.


  • To provide necessary equipment, Plastic chairs and Canopies to the Rural Development Society of Kudakanda, Thunnana, hanwella.
  • To provide sport items to the Nawa Jeewana Sports Club of Mawathagama West.

Mawathagama West

  • To provide sport items to the Nawa Jeewana Sports Club of Mawathagama West.
  • To develop the Third Lane of Liyanagewata Road.
  • To develop the First Lane of Saranapala Nahimi Mawatha.
  • To develop the rest of Saranapala Nahimi Mawatha.


  • To develop the Aranya Senasana Road of Kolamkanda, Neluwatuduwa.


  • To provide sports goods to the Challengers Sports Club of Pagngnagula.

Pahala Kosgama

  • To provide necessary facilities in order to develop the Sri Sudarshanaramaya Temple,Kosgama.


  • To complete the rest of developing the community hall of Pelpola.


  • To provide the requisite items to the Pipena Kekulu Children Society


  • To provide the requisite items to the Siddharha Kanishta vidyalaya, Boralugoda.


  • To develop Moragahawatta road.
  • To create new lavatory facilities for the teachers of St. John Bosco School, Kaluaggala.

Thunnana West

  • To provide necessary items to the Community Base Society of Thunnana West.
  • To Develop the First Lane of Thunnana, Gammedda.
  • To Develop the Baragoda Lane of Thunnana, Gammedda.


  • Development of Ganathon Place Gamunu Mawatha in Ukwatta, Rural Area.


  • To develop The Finance Lane of weragolla.
  • To develop toilet system for the Kande Vihara Bodhibharakara Premises in Weragolla.
  • To provide a water pump to the Community Water Supply Project of Weragolla.
  • To develop the First Lane of Weragolla, Puwakpitiya.

Weragolla South

  • To develop the Second Lane of 100 Acres.
  • To provide the metallic cabinet and plastic chairs to the  Mari Amman Kovila

Agra place

  • To provide a loud speaker system to the Suhada Elders Society.
  • To develop the first Lane of Agra place

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